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Dominic, Thank you very much for your really interesting presentation at the WSG conference. It provided a superb macro and micro view of what has taken place over decades for independent law firms in Europe.

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Dominic has produced a riveting biography; it is a truly excellent book.

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And if you want to know a lot more about Jeremy Thorpe’s extraordinary QC George Carman, I strongly recommend the warts-and-all biography by his son Dominic Carman. It’s one of the best biographies I’ve ever read

- Michael Crick – formerly Channel Four News & BBC Newsnight

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I have read Dominic Carman’s Heads Up with real pleasure. It provides a generous and thought-provoking insight into the different approaches and shared values of headmasters today, as well as some fascinating history.

- Dr Gary Savage, Headmaster, Westminster School

Dominic Carman’s Heads Up is the best account of school leadership I’ve ever come across. I was fascinated by this well-rounded, punchy and realistic account of what our lives are like, doing the best job in the world. This is an inspirational and frank account of independent headship: anyone aspiring to be a head should read it, all current heads should read it, and all our colleagues should too.

- Felicity Lusk, Head of Abingdon School

This is a fascinating and unique book, often punchy, at times outrageous, and always difficult to put down. Somehow, Dominic Carman has spirited out of a set of leading heads views and opinions which they probably would never acknowledge in public, as well as the occasional traditional view. The approaches are in many cases entirely contradictory, yet the effects on schools are clearly very comparable. No head – or governor – should be without this book; and for many parents it will be an eye-opening and extraordinary read.

- Tim Hands, Headmaster of Winchester College

Indisputably, Dominic’s searing, often affectionate and probably self-destructive memoir challenges the integrity of those remaining silent.

- Tom Bower, Daily Mail

Dominic Carman’s excellent use of original legal papers provides valuable insight

- Robert Verkaik, Independent

A fascinating biography

- Anthony Howard, Sunday Times

Dominic Carman has written a brilliant biography. I chose it as one of my favourite books.

- Michael Crick, former political correspondent for Channel 4 News and BBC Newsnight

It is always worth dipping into the biographies of great advocates. The best examples are Memoirs of a Radical Lawyer by Michael Mansfield, QC and No Ordinary Man: A Life of George Carman by Dominic Carman

- Thomas Dyke, The Times

Dominic Carman’s life of his father is cool and clear-eyed. Dominic has served him well. This is a painfully honest and compelling biography of, indeed, no ordinary man.

- Lynn Barber, Daily Telegraph